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Bring Back My America! Get Outraged

Help me start the next Boston Tea Party!

I want America to stand tall once again, as it did when I was growing up. I want all of us to feel a sense of pride that we live here.

We have a political system that would cause our ancestors, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, to vomit if they were alive to see it today.

F. Lee Bailey said, “Can any of you seriously say the Bill of Rights could get through Congress today? It wouldn’t even get out of committee.” This is not what our ancestors meant when they proclaimed, “One Nation Under God.” It is, however, what Lincoln proclaimed: “A house divided cannot stand.”

When are we going to wake up and realize that we are in serious trouble, not only at home, but also in the eyes of the world? If we continue to lose the respect of the world and lose our pride at home, we will be alone. I do not know about you, but I hate the dark.

We have a political system that is attempting, through political correctness, not to allow us to use the means to protect yours and my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Let me tell you what is politically incorrect. It is politically incorrect for the ACLU to want to bend and twist the Constitution to fit their agenda. What about my agenda? What about my rights? Did the ACLU ever ask you or me what we think? Why should they? They appear to care about only what they want, not what we want

It is amazing how many people from foreign countries are beating down our doors to get into America. Why would they want to, when the press and American-anti-American groups keep telling the world how bad we are?

As an American, I find that the worst kind of anti-American sentiment is American anti-Sentiment.
How can you say this country is patriotic when more people voted for the American Idol than in the presidential election?

If you are not outraged now, you may never be. However, if you are, here is what we can do.

In Chapter 14, of Where Did My America Go? I said that I would explain how you too could get on your soapbox. The problem is that you are only one voice and no one is going to listen to your one voice unless you are famous enough to have a publicity agent on your staff calling a press conference.

Unbelievably, we have the ability to become that voice.  We can stand up on our soapbox and call for reform in America. Our soapbox is called the internet and grass roots. We can get our politicians and judges to listen to us, if we do it often and we do it together.

I want the great divide across America to heal. Let us put the Cultural Civil War that is ever so present in America to an end. Not all the duct tape or Band-Aids in the world will fix it. However, we can. The people we elect, no matter what their party affiliation is, have to be reminded that they work for us. We put them in power and we can take it away.

  • I want the American Flag to regain the respect it had when I was growing up and I want the Pledge of Allegiance to mean something, and so should you.

  • I want the Constitution to stand for what our framers intended it to mean, not twisted by every liberal group and justice to fit their personal agenda, and so should you.

  • Most of all, I want my children and grandchildren to be able to close their eyes at night without fear, and so should you.

If these are what your hopes and dreams are, then this is what I am asking you to do. I want you to stand tall on my soapbox with me. Let this be the biggest soapbox ever. Get outraged.

I don’t want your money I have spent thousands of dollars of my personal funds designing this website. What I want is your voice.

Every time you find yourself screaming at the radio or television, and I know you have, I want you to e-mail all the senators, Congressional Representatives, Governors and the Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, no matter what their political affiliation is, with the following message: “I am mad as hell and I will not take it any longer. I want my America back.”

As Howard Beale (of the Paddy Cheyefsky movie “Network”) said, “I want you to get out of your chairs,” but instead of your windows, go to your computers, fax machines go to your public squares.

You are the silent majority. It is time to be silent no more. I want you to show up every day, not just on election day.

I am asking you to give up some of your time. This is too important for us. Believe it or not, your life may depend upon it. Do not disappoint America.  I promise you we will not be alone. We can make this our own contemporary Boston Tea Party.

You can find their e-mail addresses and fax numbers at the following site:  www.conservativeusa.org/mega-cong.htm

Once on the site, just click on the name of your representative and any other representative you want. E-mail them our message, then send it to the Supreme Court Send it to as may people as you can. Spread this message to all of your friends.

The Supreme Court’s e-mail address is the Public Information Office at the Supreme Court: pio@sc-us.gov Their fax number is 1-202-479-3388.

Wake up America, before it is too late. Together each one of our voices can become one giant roar.

I am asking you to give up less than five minutes of your time. This may be the most vital five minutes of your life you may ever spend. Then tell your friends and don't stop until our representatives on both sides of the aisle start to listen to us.

This may be the most crucial thing you can do for yourself, your children, your grandchildren and America.

Join with me as we start the next Tea Party.



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© 2006 by Michael Solomon     Where Did My America Go? published by AuthorHouse  November, 2006
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