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The Where Did My America Go? Newsletter by Michael Solomon

October 29, 2009

All Present And Accounted For.

Vol. 4 Issue 11

History is probably one of the only things we cannot deny. For those of us who are old enough to remember what we learned in school, why do some on the Left refute it today? Why are they trying to rewrite history? Perhaps, it is because they are so caught up listening to the Main Street Media or liberal commentators on TV and Radio, who spout their opinions as though they are historical facts without regard to the truth. During the second year of the Iraq war, [which I will call the battlefield because the war is much larger than Iraq. We are fighting terrorism all over the world, not just Iraq and Afghanistan] I heard a left wing commentator on the radio agreeing with a caller who asked, “How come it is always a Republican President who has taken us to war?”

History will show us that the only Republicans who ever went to war in the last 100-years were George H. Bush during Desert Storm, and that was after our ally in the middle east (Kuwait) was invaded by Iraq and George W. Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan after we were attacked on American soil. It was President Wilson, a Democrat, who led us into World War One. Germany did not attack us in 1914. Nor did they attack us during WW II when President Roosevelt took us to war against Germany once more. The war in the Pacific against Japan was justified after we were attacked at Pearl Harbor. American casualties were as follows: 406,000 killed 600,000 wounded.

It was Harry Truman who took us into Korea. Although, we fought under the U.N. flag over 33,000 American troops died during the conflict. Korea did not attack America.

Two Democratic Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were responsible for over 58,000 Americans dying in the jungles and rice paddies of Viet Nam. Kennedy took us to war and Johnson escalated it. It was Republican, Richard Nixon who ended the conflict. We went to war in Vietnam not because we were attacked, but the fear of communism spreading across the Far East and into Europe.

If my memory serves me correctly it was President Bill Clinton who led the charge into Bosnia and Kosovo all under the direction of the U.N. So the question remains, during any of these conflicts, was the United States attacked?

Need I say anything about the next conflict except 9/11? So here is my question to President Obama. Why are you still voting “Present?” During your campaign, we learned that while you were in the Illinois State Senate you voted present nearly 130 times.

Is that what you are doing now with the war against terrorism, [excuse me, I mean “Man Made Disasters”] in Afghanistan. Are you voting present, because you honestly cannot make a decision, or is the reason that you don’t want to be another Democratic President that escalated or took us to war.

America did not elect a President who cannot make a decision. Maybe I have that wrong. You have made a decision about Afghanistan. Not making a decision is a decision not to make one.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Mr. President, while you are procrastinating 19 Americans died in Afghanistan since September 25. Did they die because they did not have the support that General McChrystal asked for? How many more Americans fighting for our freedom have to die while you sit on your hands? General McChrystal is the man that you appointed because you said, he is a strong leader and can get the job done, but you won’t give him the resources to do his job.

Even the NATO Commanders have sided with General McChrystal. Where are you, back out on the golf course?

You chastised President George Bush for playing too much golf and for being out of the country much of the time. However, your record shows that you played more rounds of golf in the first nine months of your Presidency than President Bush played in almost the first three years he was in office. If you can’t take the heat Mr. President then get out of the kitchen.

Maybe instead of putting around you should concentrate on what is happening to this great nation under your leadership. You are flushing it down the drain.

So the next time the troop’s line up for roll call, they will be all present and accounted for, except for the Commander In Chief.

And that is my opinion,

Michael Solomon

If you want to help restore sanity to America, join the Flag Day campaign.


© 2006 by Michael Solomon     Where Did My America Go? published by AuthorHouse  November, 2006
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