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Speak Out For Your America!

  • I can't wait to read your book.  I was doing a search and found it by accident.  When I read what you wrote on your website, I felt, finally, someone who feels the same way I do.  I was beginning to feel like I was alone in how I felt (besides my husband and a few friends who feel the same way).  I feel like this country has gone absolutely crazy and i can't believe people can't see it.  I hope that we are a majority, and I hope that we start speaking out.  I tried to get on a forum today and try and be calm and talk about this country becoming united, and I was just stomped on.  I think the far left and the far right, (especially the left) don't want to unite, i think they like the division they have caused and I think they get off on it.  I have  family who are very liberal, and I can't even have a conversation with them, so starting today, I'm done trying, I know now that I can't change their minds, because they don't listen, and let's face it, knowledge can't get in a closed mind.  Anyway, thanks for listening and here's to a better America.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Brigitte from NH

  • You don’t know me.  I’m on your email list because I often wonder ‘Where my America went?” I read your article on politics and the effects on relationships.  I was JUST thinking about this very topic.  We have distanced friends over politics.  We have had identical conversations (like yours) in our own home.  We work, we have kids; do we really want to spend an evening with so and so?  Free time is so valuable and we have made decisions based on politics.  It’s really sad, but most definitely true. I think it is so prevalent because the government is in every facet of our lives.  Here in lies the problem.  There is no topic that can’t be quickly brought around to politics.  For me, personally, almost every conversation/problem can be ended by “eliminate income tax”.   (Here is where my spouse starts to role the eyes). t scares me to death because I, also, see it getting worse with no end in sight.  I did not live through the 60’s (born 1962).  Was it this bad and then got better?  I’m afraid to say that I do not think so.   I don’t think this is a phase and it worries me.

    We just came back from Italy.  I kept repeating one phrase during our trip, “This could be us if we are not careful!”  You have to see it for the impact to hit home.  It shook me up.  I liked America just the way it was – imperfections and all.  Here in the northern suburbs of Chicago, it’s like being in a Rod Serling nightmare, but no one else sees it.   I hope you are getting feedback on the topic and that you will explore it more.    - Patty G., Chicago


  •   I am currently reading your book.  I have not found anything you write about yet that I am in disagreement with.  I will be continuing to read and follow your leads. -  L. C., Watonga, OK

  • You are bringing back the soul of America and love of country. I see the deteriorating signs of our culture slipping away.  We need Moral Re-armament to strengthen our country from the invasion of Islamic fascism for the survival of America. - JPC, Michigan

  • I wanted to email you and tell you that I already love you and I haven't even read your book yet!  I read the NewsMax report, and sent it to lots of people!  Thank you and God bless America! - M. Harrelson
  • Hello, it is nice to be not the only one.  However I think talking is over.  I am 62 and very fit and ready to protect and defend the United States from groups such as the ACLU or fascist judges etc.  RS Sunseri.
  • Thank you for your wonderful writings.  I couldn't agree with you more.  I just read one of your newsletters on my local cable show.  It was the column on crime where people were thinking Iraq and learning it is our great country of America.  In my town of Burlington, Massachusetts, the people get one sided news so I decided to give them the "Conservative View" which I named my local cable show.  In a town which is mostly Democrat, I am discovering this news is making a difference.  Your newsletters will be read to them whenever I get them. Being the daughter of a WWII vet who died in a Veterans Hospital at the age of 39, I learned quickly about the world, survival and what is important.   Eventually I intend to write a book about all of it.  Right now, I'm attempting to educate people about the real truth, not the media lies.  I love my country but live in a socialist state so in effect I'm fighting for freedom.  The legislature is a radical liberal group who are defying our constitution and our right to vote on gay marriage. Your articles are wonderful so keep sending them.  God Bless You. - Arlene, Burlington, MA
  • I used to think that all the changes that were happening were good for America.  I thought the ACLU was looking out for me. But now that I read your book my eyes have opened.  You have certainly given me a lot to think about.  When I looked at it from your perspective you made me think.  They couldn't care about me at all. What are my grandchildren going to have when the ACLU gets finished giving away my rights and my country.  Thank you for turning on the lights. - J. McKenna, Portland, OR.
  • I also write a newsletter, that I distribute around my immediate community.  I receive no compensation. I receive Social Security and a small amount of money, from an investment.  At 77, I also recently got a part-time job to fill in the cracks. I have served in the Navy during the Korean War, worked at the polls, contributed clothing to the kidney foundation, served on jury duty---twice, contributed to the poor, volunteered for various community projects, but still it is not enough. No matter what I do, or others do, it is never enough. Conservative causes, I have contributed, read write try to educate others, nothing works. I have come to the conclusion, that an armed conflict against our own government, is the only answer. Once the America we once knew, is gone, the world will see 500 years of slavery and world government, from which it may never recover. - D. Lauffer, Columbus, Ohio
  • Many people wonder, "is anyone thinking like I am about this whole mess we're in".  It is some consolation that there are those who are thinking, and writing, about the issues you bring up.  However, the battle that we're in presently, for the heart and soul of the "new America", will be like no other in the history of the world.  Thinking Americans must believe, as many commentators are writing, that this really is "Our Last Best Chance, for America and Western civilization:.  We are fighting this battle from a position of weakness as two of the most critical elements in this battle are first, our educational system and its institutions and secondly our mass media, both of whom are secular, progressive and agnostic.  The Democrats own them both, lock, stock and barrel.  The socialists among them, of which there are multitudes, know that they cannot win this battle on economic terms, but give me your children and the press and two thirds of the battle is over.  Our only hope is for all the various conservative NGOs to consolidate their efforts to fight this battle. - D. J. Hamburg, N.Y.
  • Great article once again. (Swift & Co.)  We see American jobs shipped overseas.  We see illegal’s flooding our cities.  Neither party seems to care.  I believe the reason has partly to do with 1) an attempt to mask the real rate of inflation and 2) social (in) security. With regards to inflation - the civil government raises money three ways: confiscates it at the point of a gun (taxes, fees, licenses, etc.), borrows it (too often from our enemies making us open to blackmail – which is one reason why I think we have backed off our vociferous support for Taiwan in that the Chinese own a trillion dollars of our debt) or simply prints it out of thin air which creates inflation. It is very difficult to measure inflation; products can be made lighter, with cheaper materials, etc. in addition to cheaper labor.  If the feds were truly honest about the rate of inflation it would cost them (us!) a fortune in COLA’s.  “Cheap” labor and overseas manufacturing helps mask the real decline in the purchasing power of our dollar. With regards to SS – Congress has spent all of the money collected, raised expectations about SS beyond its stated intentions for purely political reasons (i.e. rather than a supplement to personal savings it has become a replacement for), abortion and declining birth rates of “native born” citizens were “necessary” to raise the population numbers to make the “system” work – especially since the boomers are about to retire in mass, “legal” immigration cannot make up the difference fast enough, illegal immigration was and is ignored to make up the shortfall – without thinking through that illegal’s economic status means they end up taking out more than they contribute -  meaning that in the end we have a serious problem on our hands.  Throw in the terrorist threat from a porous border and the situation becomes truly insane. - J.C., Texarkana, Texas

  • So enjoy reading your newsletter.  Just realized that since I will be 80 my next birthday the upcoming Armageddon(?) will not bother me as I will be long gone.  The PC crowd won't know what hit them, the idiots we are raising in our schools, homes, offices, etc., will still feel they are winning until they are told differently, at which time they will explode as their minds will not be able to wrap their brains around that fact, and the older people will be really wondering 'WHERE DID OUR AMERICA GO'? Keep 'em coming! -
    Mary Kane Ashland, Ohio






















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