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Excerpts from 'Where Did My America Go?'

Two teenage sisters, aged 16 and 18, wanted to do something nice for their neighbors for the upcoming holidays. With their mother’s permission, they baked cookies, which they painstakingly prepared and placed in gift-wrapped Where did my America Go Covershopping bags with a note attached that read, “We just wanted to thank you for being our neighbor and tell you we love and care about you and wish you a Merry Christmas.”

They walked from house to house delivering their thoughtful wares. When they reached their nearby neighbor, it was 10:00 PM. There was no answer after they rang the bell, so they just left the bag hanging on the front door knob.
Unbeknownst to the girls, the homeowner, a 60-year-old woman living alone, was on the telephone with the police. She was reporting that a burglar was ringing her doorbell and asked them to send help immediately.
When the police officers arrived, they found the cookies at the door and asked the homeowner if she recognized the names on the greeting card that accompanied the gift.

She said that it was the girls next door.

While one officer looked around the outside of the house, the other went next door to ascertain whether the girls where in fact the culprits responsible for ringing the doorbell.
When they explained to the complainant what had transpired, she seemed annoyed and irate that the girls would come to her door at 10:00 PM.

The girls explained to the police officer that the reason they had rung the bell at that time was because all of the lights in the house were on and they heard her television playing, so they assumed that she was awake.

The police officers left and their paperwork reflected that it was a misunderstanding and no harm had been done.

About an hour later, the homeowner once again dialed 911. This time she needed an ambulance because she believed she was having a heart attack. She had been so nervous over the incident that she mistakenly believed her anxiety attack was a coronary.

She was treated at a local hospital and released after it was determined that her heart was just fine.

You might think the story ends here. It does not.

When you read what happens next you will become outraged!



© 2006 by Michael Solomon     Where Did My America Go? published by AuthorHouse  November, 2006
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