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  • "Thank you for 'Where Did My America Go?' If something doesn't change, we may all be asking that question.  I concur with your sentiments on this subject and find encouragement in knowing that I am not alone in the battle, and neither are you. Hundreds of thousands of our fellow Americans are waking to the problems you describe in your book."                                                                                Roy S. Moore, Former Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court.

  • "A fantastic book.  Solomon tells it like it is.  My only regret is that I didn't write this book."                                                                              -Steve Dunleavy, N.Y. Post Columnist                                                                                                                          

  • "I rarely have authors on my show.  But when I read this book, I told my producer I have to meet this man.  It is unbelievable. This book was written by just an ordinary American who is fed up with what is happening to America.  I  couldn't put it down so I read it twice. If you are within the sound of my voice you must buy this book."
     -Jaz McKay, KNZR-AM Talk Radio, Bakersfield, CA

  • "Finally someone got mad enough to write about it.  If you have ever screamed at the radio or TV this is the book to read." 
    - Bob Nichols- WJNO AM -Talk Radio, West Palm Beach, FL

  • "Run, don't walk to your nearest book store and buy two copies of this book.  Buy one for a friend."
    - KP & Garth, WMAT-AM -Talk Radio, Orlando, FL

  • "Michael Solomon has written a wide ranging and disturbing book.  He asks us to question many of the complacencies inherent in life in America, and to remember an earlier time when we took responsibilities for our actions and were proud to be Americans.
    He strongly makes the case to be extremely vigilant against the decline in the core American values of self-resilience and hard work and to the creeping lassitude of life in a digital age. He cautions us to be vigilant of the media and to look behind the ease and sensationalism of modern nano -second reporting. It's dominance  by Politicians and Celanthropists , Dilettantes, beating their drums and marching to the beat of their own publicity machines. He implores us to use our common sense, to step behind the Front Page Headlines, to question sources and to strive to get past the fluff into the depth of the issues. He postulates a lifetime of inquiry, of personal growth, community involvement and Pride in the transforming capabilities of the American System.
    Michael's heroes are the working men and women of America, raising families, running businesses, trying to make sense of it all. He makes a strong case about the damaging affects of Hollywood and the media on the already difficult job of raising children and is virulent in his attacks on educational policies that seem at best to be misguided or at worse positively insane. In addition, the specter of 80,000 registered sex offenders missing and possibly "living next door" is especially horrific.
    He makes a strong case for Tort Reform and for reducing American dependence on Foreign oil production. He is adamant in his defense of  Weapons of Mass Destruction as a bi-partisan shared legitimate fear before the Iraq invasion, and makes an interesting if contrarian  argument about the human contribution to Global Warming. All Great reading and worthy of further study.
    Michael wants us to embrace and engage the political system. He wants his readers empowered by the arguments for action in his book to assail the Political Structure. He admonishes us to unite armed with the digital tools of the age, e-mail and fax our Leaders, Senators, Congresspersons, Governors and the Justices of the US Supreme Court and send them his message.
     -Gerard McKeon, Publisher Black Tie International Magazine

  • Solomon tells it like it is and holds no punches. His book thrusts a wooden stake into the heart of America’s unchecked political correctness that pits each of us against the other. And it's no accident when you know the facts that he presents in his new book. He writes about political correctness as a dangerous sticky tar that tarnishes everything in its path, repurposing most aspects of life that had been uniquely good about living in America. The subhead of his book, 'Get ready for the next American Revolution,' says it all, reflecting his personal plan to take back America. He invites you to come join others around the country as they make ready for the next peaceful American Revolution. 
    - G. Kallback, Author, Freedom is Knowledge

  •   "The author is bringing back the love of country."

                                                                                   - JPC Michigan

  • "After reading your call to action I am convinced that the spirit of the American Revolution is alive and well in this country."                                                                                                                                                          -                                                                        -C.  Huffman





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